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"Canadian PETER BARCZA is a great Verdi baritone. As the deformed court jester Rigoletto, he exuded tragedy with a very focused voice and a huge range of vocal colour. The most satisfying moments were the duets for Rigoletto and Gilda.
It is hard to imagine these being done better, as PETER BARCZA and Joanna Cole went through a complete range of emotions."

New Zealand Sunday Star-Times

"PETER BARCZA's memorable portrayal of Renato proved a valuable reminder that Verdi's operas in performance grow in sophistication when the oft-pivotal baritone character is played seriously, not as an egregious stereotype."

Opera Canada

"There was one sign of hope, the Germont, the Canadian baritone PETER BARCZA, who has the top notes of a Verdi baritone..."

Opera (London)

"PETER BARCZA's "Di Provenza il mar" was the high point of the opera."

Detroit Free Press

"As Macbeth, PETER BARCZA sang with unfailingly fine tone and attention to the text."

Opera News

"PETER BARCZA's handsome and resonantly sung Macbeth very much carried the evening."

Opera (London)

"BARCZA was the most successful of the principal singers. He was strong vocally and his portrayal of Amonasro, Aida's father, was well focused and convincing."

The Ottawa Citizen

"PETER BARCZA brought a robust, beautifully produced baritone to the role of Enrico and proved a secure actor."

Opera News

"As Enrico, Canadian baritone PETER BARCZA displays a strong, sure voice. But even more noteworthy is his acting ability. His every movement shows emotion....Lucia's and Enrico's scenes together are wonderful to watch."

Ottawa Sun

"PETER BARCZA (Belcore) is one of the best Donizetti baritones around, with a wonderfully accurate, well-bound tone. No swaggering blusterer, he."

Opera Canada

"PETER BARCZA's singing revealed a mastery of bel canto technique and a rich and confident sound."

Opera Canada

"In many ways the star of the show was PETER BARCZA as Malatesta. There aren't many baritones in the world who sing Donizetti as well as BARCZA. His voice is solid, well-balanced and well-focused, rich in quality. He sings a long, shapely legato line, he sings coloratura superbly (not an aspirate to be heard), and all the appoggiaturas are in place. He deserves a medal for all this."

Hamilton Spectator

"Baritone PETER BARCZA as Valentin, Marguerite's soldier-brother, galvanized the dramatic action every time he appeared on stage. He is gifted with a lustrous voice. He was a heroic figure and profoundly effective."

Winnipeg Tribune

"PETER BARCZA as Ulisse was physically and above all vocally ideal for the role: a baritone voice of noble timbre and even in all registers, with brilliant high notes, which conquered the virtuoso passages brilliantly, exactly and with astounding facility."

Orpheus magazine, Berlin

"PETER BARCZA as the High Priest (Samson et Dalila) represented evil with a great force of conviction."

Opera International (France)


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